Discipleship & Fellowship

Church Fellowships

Church Fellowship Meals
Sharing meals can be a relaxing atmosphere for guests and established church members to grow together in relationships. Throughout the year we gather at a park or someone’s home for potluck lunches following worship, usually every other month.

This summer we are gathering in groups of a few families for round robin meal fellowships in each other’s homes.

Small Group Bible Study Fellowships
This Fall, we have two small groups, both studying the first 12 chapters of Genesis. One group meetings on Wednesday evenings in the north end of town. The second group meets on Sunday evenings in the West end of town.

West Crestview Small Group
1st, 2nd, & 3rd Wednesdays at 5:30PM
Hosts: Hughes Family

North Crestview Small Group
1st, 2nd, & 3rd Wednesdays at 6:00PM
Hosts: Dean Family

Grace Redeemer Men

Men’s Bible Studies
In our men’s Bible studies, we focus on studying the Bible together and praying for one another. Knowing God from His Word allows us to better know our purpose as men. Becoming strong, biblical men and brothers in Christ builds and strengthens a stable foundation for our church, our families, and our community.
Men’s Bible studies typically last for an hour and are for men 18 and older.

1st & 3rd Tuesday Evenings at 7:00PM
Host: Michael Steinberg

Men’s Fellowship Events
Much of our fellowship as men happens informally (for example, by helping one another with house repairs, coaching sports together, meeting over lunch, and spending time with other families).

The annual men’s camping trip is a highlight for both our men and boys. Other gatherings pop-up throughout the year.

Grace Redeemer Women

Women’s Bible Study Fellowships
For women 18 and older, being able to meet up for Bible study, prayer and fellowship is an excellent opportunity mid-week to grow in faith and relationships. It is important for women in various stages of life to get together to learn from each other and to share from God’s Word and pray for one another. (Some of our studies have child care provided.)

Option 1: 1st, 2nd, & 3rd Thursday mornings at 10:30AM
Host: Alicia Steinberg

Option 2: 1st & 3rd Friday evenings at 7:00PM
Host: Jen Turner

Women’s Fellowship Events
We typically get together once a month for a large group fellowship event. Some of our fellowships have been at a restaurant for dessert, some have been at a woman’s home for games, and some have been special times to share testimonies of God’s work in our lives.

Both the women’s Bible study fellowships and fellowship events are welcoming settings for friends and guests.

Grace Redeemer Young Men/Women & Kids

Currently, young men/women & kids join in the worship service and small group fellowships. Child care is provided during some women’s Bible studies. We look forward to having space that will better accommodate classes for our children.

Kids Sunday School (ages 4-8), immediately following the morning worship service until 12:30pm.

A top priority of our church ministry is to equip and encourage fathers to be regularly leading family devotions. If you feel weak in this area, you are not alone. Let’s grow and mature together for God’s glory and the joy of our families.