Men’s Bible Study & Fellowship | 1st & 3rd Tuesday Evenings

Beginning in September 2020, on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of each month, men are invited to meet at the “Steinberg Breezeway” at 7pm for Bible Study and Fellowship.

What to Expect

Men (18 and older) are invited to come as often as possible on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday evenings of each month to learn from God’s Word, discuss together from what is taught, and fellowship over drinks. Men may begin attending any time. This is a good opportunity for co-workers, neighbors, and relatives to visit or join anytime.

Water and coffee will be provided. Men are welcome to bring their own other drinks to enjoy and/or share. Feel free to bring any snack to share. Nevertheless, anyone is welcome to simply show up, drink some water, and enjoy the study and fellowship.

During the first 20-30 minutes, a man will lead a teaching time. Then we will have 20-30 minutes for discussion, often with a list of prepared discussion questions to aid the group make helpful progress. Then we will have 5-10 minutes for prayer together. Men will be welcome to continue fellowship and discussion after the official cut-off time of 8pm.

Study Focus Beginning in September

We plan to kick-off our study time together by considering fatherhood lost, redeemed, and restored. We are not going to simply ask, “How can I train my kid better?” Instead, we will be looking at fatherhood in a bigger way that then informs how we live as fathers in our homes, churches, and communities.

This is not a study only for young dads. This study focus is for all of us men at our various ages and stages of fatherhood. We each have something to learn and something to share.

This first teaching focus will draw largely from “Daddy Tried” by Pastor Tim Bayly.

“Every father knows failure. It comes with the territory. One generation to the next, imperfect men chip away at God’s original design for daddies, leaving a flawed pattern for their sons to follow. Overwhelmed by their failures, it’s easy for fathers to feel they have blown it for good and can’t redeem themselves.

Within these pages, Tim Bayly offers a frank and hope-filled path to overcoming the inherent failures of imperfect fathers—and to reclaiming manhood and dignity for the man called Daddy. Drawing from decades of his own journey as an imperfect son, father, and pastor, Bayly makes it clear there are no quick fixes. The road to recovery is paved with blood, sweat, and tears, but our Savior walked this path before us.

Daddy Tried makes no apologies for being a book for men. Its subject is the male-only club of fatherhood. It takes the only perfect Father as our guide. Bayly stares the sins of fathers past, present, and future squarely in the face and clears a path to overcoming them—a path that begins with faith in our heavenly Father who tells us He knows our weaknesses.”

Dr. John Frame (Professor of Systematic Theology and Philosophy Reformed Theological Seminary) says, “Tim Bayly’s Daddy Tried is the best book on fathering currently in print. Bayly meticulously exegetes the biblical teachings about fathers (especially fathers in the home, but also the leaders of the church and civil governors). And he applies the biblical teachings with great clarity, frankness, and vividness. He is aware that Christian fathering is today in a terribly weak state, and he stands firmly against fashionable compromises with biblical principle. But he also emphasizes winsomely that adherence to biblical principle is another name for love. This is the book to give to our sons on the verge of becoming fathers. It will clear their heads and steel their spines.”

I hope you will join the other men on Tuesday evenings beginning September 1st. I looking forward to growing in Christ with you men. –Pastor Tyson

For address and directions or with other questions, please reach out to Pastor Tyson at 850-797-8849.